Carpets & Rugs, Mattress Ticking

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Product Description

Flooring can add beauty and style to your home. From beautiful to soft luxurious carpet, a floor provides the backdrop for the rest of your room. You carpet also gets a lot of wear and tear. Pets, guests, family, kids – your carpet literally gets walked all over every day.

Choosing a yarn that can take the abuse is important in having the It comes in more colors so you’re bound to find the perfect hue. There are many types of yarn in our products – some are better for high traffic areas and some offer unbelievable soft luxury. Choosing the right one depends on your space and your lifestyle. When you’re choosing a yarn specialized for carpet from ABY, and you won’t be disappointed with the beautiful floors you’ll have for many years to come

  • Durable
  • Easy Care
  • Flame Retardant


Yarn CompositionCount Range (Ne)
Viscose Bright8 to 50
Cotton/Nylon 6620 to 30
Optical Bright Polyester20 to 40
Poly/Cotton (65/35)10 to 30
Poly/Cotton (48/52)10 to 30
Acrylic10 to 42
Flame Resistant Polyester8 to 30
Cotton (OE)6 to 20
Polyester Semidull5 to 40
Carpet & Rugs, Matress Ticking

We can supply Multifold yarns on Jumbo packages up to 15 lbs & 12 ply with resultant yarn count of 0.75 Ne.



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