Liva Reviva

Yarn For Fashion and Apparel

Product Description

Designers and manufacturers are turning to recycled yarn to create new designs- in turn, extendingt he cradle to grave life span of single use products or fast fashion. ABY Liva Reviva yarns are made up of viscose fibres having 20% of pre-consumer textile industrial waste and 80% wood pulp at fibre manufacturing stage. Fabric and garments made with ABY Liva Reviva yarns feel better when you wear them and ensure commitment towards better environment

  • Sourced by 100% Sustainability Forestry
  • Low Water Consumption
  • Low Green House Gas Emissions
  • Traceability of Source Through Block Chain
  • Fast Biodegrability
  • RCS Certified


Composition Count Range
Liva Reviva 100% 10s to 40s
Recycle poly 65% Liva Reviva 35% 10s to 40s
Apparel Woven & Knit, Activewear, Fashion


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