ABY™ Heat Trap

Yarn For Fashion and Apparel

Product Description

ABY™ Heat Trap is yet another innovative solution at Aditya Birla Yarn in which special anti-pilling micro denier acrylic fibre blends with fibres like viscose, modal or excel, generates heat and keeps the wearer warm and comfortable in bitter winter cold. ABY™ Heat Trap have relatively low heat conductivity compared with cotton blended yarns and keeps you warm.

They are made up of fibres finer than cashmere, Egyptian Cotton and feels very soft and smooth to touch. Fabrics made with these yarns can be dyed with vibrant & lustrous colours and are suitable to develop comfortable and smooth fabrics.

  • Light Weight
  • Comfortable
  • Bright Colours
  • Anti Pilling


Composition Count Range (Ne)
Blends of Special Acrylic & Viscose 10s - 40s
Blends of Special Acrylic with Micro Modal 10s - 40s
Blends of Special Acrylic with Modal 10s - 40s
Blends of Special Acrylic with Excel 10s - 30s
Apparel Woven & Knits, Innerwaer and base layer, Thermal Underwear, Sweaters and Scarves, Socks, T-shirt and Tops
Count Range indicated are for single yarns. We can supply yarns in Ply : Single, Double & Multi-folds.


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